Open to all!

Community Christmas Thame would like to offer a traditional turkey roast to all those genuinely struggling to provide a Christmas Day Lunch.

We are open to senior citizens, families with children, single adults or even those who are just lonely. Please complete the guest form ensuring that you tell us how many meals are to be delivered.


Naturally it is with great regret that we cannot hold a true Community Christmas Thame this year due to COVID-19. We would not want to be putting vulnerable people at risk so we are keeping the format we used for 2020.

At this stage we believe we will be able to deliver meals to those people who are at risk of being alone on Christmas Day so therefore we will still be looking for volunteers to help us with this.

Most likely the day will go a little like this:

Depending on current government guidelines, we will need volunteers to peel carrots and potatoes, prepare vegetables etc. on Christmas Eve. This activity has previously been held at the Thomas household and so we would like to think this can happen again, but it will depend on what restrictions are in place at the time.
If not, we may ask volunteers to collect the vegetables and peel/chop them at home and drop them back to Queens Close for cooking.

On Christmas Day morning, we will be preparing plates of food for anyone who has requested a Christmas Day meal. We will most likely be asking volunteers to collect a couple of meals (again from Queens Close) and deliver them to our guests with a gift and a cracker.

We will open up a registration form for anyone you know who may want this service. Just to clarify, the meal is FREE! CCT is lucky to have been supported by many local businesses over the years and we are able to offer this absolutely free of charge. I know right! Amazing!

We are expecting a slightly higher volume of deliveries than other years as there may be many more people who have been identified as being vulnerable and isolated. This is not restricted to just the elderly population of Thame – it includes all ages. We do not want to see ANYONE alone or lonely on Christmas Day, so make sure that your neighbours know about us, whatever their age!

We will be doing a full risk assessment and all volunteers will have access to gloves and masks, if required, on the day. All gifts will be wrapped in advance and kept for a minimum of 72 hours to reduce contamination. CCT will be following all current guidelines to avoid exposing anyone, volunteers and “guests” to unnecessary risk of catching COVID-19.

Do not be surprised if we have to ask volunteers to check their temperatures on the day and obviously to phone and inform us if anyone, or anyone they have been in contact with, has the symptoms of the virus.

Giving is Virtue.

There are lots of ways to help. If you are unsure or would like to discuss these options, please use the contact form and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Become a volunteer

There are plenty of ways to help. Collecting guests, sitting with them for company, delivering meals to those whom can't attend, cooking, cleaning, washing up, signing etc. Please contact us to discuss options and availability during the day. As the event has grown year each year, we anticipate we'll need 50+ volunteers during the day. If you can spare even an hour, you can make such a difference to people's lives.

Thank you, we have all
the volunteers we need
for this year's event


Not only do we provide the lunch and entertainment for our guests, but we also give them a small present. This year we have set up a central collection point within Thame Town Hall so donations can be dropped off conveniently. All we ask if that the gift is unwrapped and suitable for both sexes. Ideally we are looking for: After Eights, Chocolate Oranges, Matchmakers, Shortbread Biscuits and Jam or Marmalade.


We welcome donations to allow us to cover the costs of running the Christmas event or support others throughout the year. Thank you.

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The Meal

25 December 2020, 12:30 to 14:30. Full Christmas lunch and pudding will be provided (sorry, no alcohol can be served) along with some entertainment.
Community Christmas Thame

Spread the word

Whether using social media or good old fashion 'word of mouth', letting people know about the event will hopefully prevent anyone being alone this Christmas. Please tell others. #CCT2021

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Sponsorship enables us to cover the cost of hosting the event. It covers the venue and the food. Without it, we would not be able to host the day. Please support us.

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Please donate for the isolated and vulnerable of Thame

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Volunteer Application

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Thank you, we have all
the volunteers we need
for this year's event

Guest Application

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   Drop-off applications: Thame Town Hall, High Street, Thame, Oxon, OX9 3DP
   Postal applications: Community Christmas Thame, ℅ 32 Queens Close, Thame, Oxon, OX9 3AZ
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According to research just under 500,000 elderly people spent last Christmas alone.

Our Team

Kathy Thomas

“Having volunteered for a number of years with Christmas Crisis in London, Kathy was looking for something a little closer to home. Having found nothing similar in the area, with the aid of and her family, CCThame launched the first event in 2011.”

Kerry Knight

“Kerry and her twin daughters, Rachael and Heather have been supporting Community Christmas Thame since the beginning. Kerry now arranges all the volunteers so we collect guests or deliver meals to everyone.”

The Volunteers

“What can we say, without the volunteers, we would not have an event. All the people who have given up their time over the festive period over the years or made a donation to help others, a massive thank you.”

Our 2021 Sponsors

Along with all the volunteers, those whom have donated gifts, our sponsors help us cover the costs of hosting such an event. We are forever grateful for their generosity and support.

If you would like to look into the sponsor opportunities, please use the contact form.


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